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The right display for every need


Cardboard Display? Means to stand out…

Our company creates innovative displays, for their design and for the ecological raw materials.

Technology, new materials and green philosophy merge, giving life to an eye-catching, functional showcases.

Choose the perfect Display to make your product shine

Higher, shorter, standardized, showy or minimal: with us you’ll find the perfect display for your needs.

Also, all of our showroom solutions are designed to be assembled and disassembled multiple times in an easy and intuitive way, without glue or tools.

You’ll be able to set your shop up quickly and easily!

Are you green? Show it!

Are you close to environmental and climatic issues as we are?

With this in mind, we want to emphasize the green aspects of our displaying solutions, in particular not hiding the material that makes them, cardboard.

Overall, a cardboard display is 100% recyclable and saves up to 80% of raw material for its production.

Ecological product
Recyclable material

Choose the right display for you