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Give color to your break area


Personality and character

We design personalized and highly visible covering structures for Vending machines.

Simple, on point and eco-friendly solutions, that will give to your coffee area a fresh touch: it will become an enjoyable place where to spend your break in complete relax. We offer multiple graphic solutions, ranging from our house graphics to completely personalized ones, where you’ll always be able to add your company’s logo. In fact, the structure’s front panels are effective advertising solutions that, if needed, can be easily replaced.


Naturally ecological

Here at Nardi, the core value is the utilization of natural products, recycled and recyclable.

The covering structure are completely made of 14mm thick corrugated cardboard, solely composed of cellulose and natural starch. Assembly is carried out with joints and screws, as we don’t use any solvent or chemical agents based glue: for this reason coffee areas furnished by us are 100% free of toxic substances, such a formaldehyde, and are totally recyclable.

Ecological product
Recyclable material

Quickly and simply installation

One of the features that make our products stand out among the crowd, is the easy assembling; every solution is assemblable through joints, you won’t need any tool.

The simplicity of our systems, allows the assembling phase to be carried out also by anyone and in limited time too.

Every phase will be easy: transportation, positioning, assembling, eventual disassembling, will be easy, lightweight and stress free.

Assembly without tools

Check our videos out and see how easy it is to assemble our cardboard covering structures.

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