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Cardboard Solutions | Boxes for vending machines

Vending machine’s covers

Structures for vending machine


Cardboard structures’ advantages

Coffee break’s quality directly influences your job’s quality. Few relaxing minutes are eble to hugely increase your working performaces:
so why not creating an engaging coffee area and made with healthy materials too? Our cardboard solutions for the vending market give you the possibility to fit in your relax area the graphic ideas that best suit your company, furnishing the space with brand logos, colours and confortable materials.

They are the best substitute for non recyclable couterparts, and stand out for their lightweight and handiness, immediately perceivable at touch.


Choose the model


Multiple vending machines unified in a single solution;

Partitioning in single dedicated spaces for every machine;

Standardize the different machines’ dimensions in a single, uniform structure;

Possibility to fit a garbage sorter in the structure;

Customized print, with logo, available on the whole structure;

Washable plasticized surfaces.


Compact and space optimizing solution;

One space contains different vending machines;

Illumination from above available;

Possibility of customization or logo inclusion on the whole structure;

Surface plastification.


Compact solution for few machines, also different in height;

Every space fits one single vending machine;

Structure with integrated recycling trash bins;

Customized print with logo on the whole structure;

The outer plastification allows surfaces’ cleaning.


Space optimizing solution for single vending machines, perfect for small coffee areas;

Structure attached to the machine with magnets for quick installation;

Customization with tailor-made graphics and brand logo;

Outer plastification for water-repellent, washable surfaces.

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